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LatAm-Studies Full-Text Online

LatAm-Studies brings you the most up to date content from top peer reviewed publications about Latin America and the Caribbean. It is a database with thousands of studies, all available in full text (PDF format) that can be downloaded for research and teaching purposes. Visit the complete list of Content Providers.

The collection is a product of International Information Services, a multinational publishing company dedicated to the rapid distribution of academic content.

Our clients are high education institutions and research centers around the world, such as:

Grinnell College
University of Queensland
California State University

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Geographic and subject coverage
gathers texts specialized in Social Sciences and Humanities about 46 countries in the Latin American and the Caribbean regions. The studies cover a wide variety of specific topics such as finance, literature, environment, history, law and culture.

Each month, we showcase on our home page a selection of noteworthy studies, updates and selected papers from qualify professor, researchers, policy makers and librarians around the world. View the Current Topics section here.

Browsing and Navigation
Our website’s design allows easy access to the content. The studies are organized by country/institution, by providers and alphabetically.

The database search engine offers advanced tools for experienced researchers while delivering excellent results for novices, because it stems automatically and forgives spelling errors.

Obtain full access to LatAm-Studies by institutional subscription. Users can access the content in our website through a campus wide IP address range(s) authentication or through individual password-protected accounts.

New PLUS Collection

In addition to the subscription service, we now offer the FREE section LatAmPlus. The new Collection links to the full-text of journals not loaded in the database. Access the LatAmPlus section at no cost through our search page.

Please select the option “External Content Only” to retrieve results from the free section exclusively.

For additional information, please contact us. We are available 24/7.