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The University of the West Indies (UWI) at Cave Hill, Barbados was established in 1948. Today, The University of the West Indies has campuses at Cave Hill in Barbados, St. Augustine in Trinidad and Tobago and Mona in Jamaica, as well as 11 non-campus centers situated in other Caribbean countries. The mission of The UWI is to propel the economic, social, political and cultural development of West Indian society through teaching, research, innovation, advisory and community services and intellectual leadership.

The Faculty of Humanities and Education aims to promote the intellectual excellence and creativity of its students, staff and people of the Caribbean through an understanding of their educational and social needs and by active engagement with the scholarship of other cultures. Through the Department of History, and the Department of Language, Linguistics and Literature, in conjunction with the University of the West Indies Press, the Faculty publishes The Journal of Caribbean History, Journal of West Indian Literature and Caribbean Review of Gender Studies. They are all included in LatAm-Studies Full Text.




The Journal of Caribbean History is edited by the Department of History. It publishes articles on aspects of Caribbean History, including the histories of the mainland territories of North, Central and South America, where these are related to the Caribbean.

The Journal is published twice a year. The articles include theses currently in progress, research notes and notices of books on aspects related to the Caribbean history; it receives writings in English, French, Spanish and Dutch. All papers are reviewed by an Editorial Advisory Board composed of prominent professors from UWI, University of the French West Indies and Guiana, University of Leiden, Netherlands; Australian National University, Australia; Colgate University, USA; Princeton University, USA and University of Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico.

For further information, please visit: The Journal of Caribbean History



Twice a year, the Departments of Literatures in English publish The Journal of West Indian Literature (JWIL). It presents articles that are the products of scholarly research in the literature of the English-speaking Caribbean or non-English-speaking Caribbean reports with a clear relevance to the Caribbean literature in English. JWIL also publishes book reviews.

For further information, please visit: Journal of West Indian Literature




The Caribbean Review of Gender Studies (CRGS) is intended to offer a forum, both to persons already recognized in the field as well as to new scholars, to present works that capture the realities and contradictions of what is constituted as Caribbean. The journal welcomes scholarship and creative work done within the framework of feminist and gender theorizing that is for and about the Caribbean.

CRGS boasts an Editorial Board, an Advisory Board and a Review Team which is drawn from reputable academic institutions regionally and worldwide. The journal has published since 2007.

For further information, please visit: Caribbean Review of Gender Studies