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Prolegómenos. Derechos y Valores  (Prolegomena. Rights and Values), is a bi-annual publication whose objective is to promote research products related to the discipline of Law. It is addressed to researchers, teachers, students, public and private institutions of national and international order.

Prolegómenos is published by the Research Center of the Faculty of Law of the Nueva Granada Military University. The Research Center of the Faculty of Law opens its doors to national and international researchers, linked to the development of legal and sociojuridic thinking, to submit articles of scientific and technological research, articles of reflection and review articles for their publication.

The journal publishes national and international articles that are results of institutional research, also those that are the result of research works developed in Masters and Doctorates.

The Nueva Granada Military University is a Colombian public university based in Bogotá, Colombia, founded in 1982. In July 2015, it received the High Quality Institutional Accreditation for 6 years by the National Accreditation Council. The Nueva Granada Military University has 5 Vice-Rectors, is divided academically in 8 Faculties and its maximum organ of government is the University's Superior Council. Its total student population is 18,850.

The Nueva Granada Military University offers 25 in-class undergraduate programs, 6 undergraduate distance courses, 81 specializations, 9 master's degrees and 1 doctorate. It also has 120 extension courses, 21 diplomas, 368 current agreements, 104 face-to-face language courses, 16 long distance learning courses. In addition, it currently has 1 Vice-Rector of research, 8 Research Centers and 62 research groups recognized by Colciencias, supported by 25,758 reference titles, 48,619 available volumes, 152,801 electronic books, 122 physical journals, 23 electronic journals, 873 magazines, 18 newspapers, 31 virtual bases, a Documentary Repository, 163 books and institutional documents.

All Prolegómeno’s content is available in LatAm-Studies Full Text.

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Prolegómenos. Derechos y Valores