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Historia y Sociedad is a publication of the Faculty of Human and Economic Sciences of the National University of Colombia, Medellín campus.

The Faculty of Human and Economic Sciences is distinguished by its academic experience and research. Its vision is to identify the main fields and problems of human and social contemporary knowledge. It promotes discussion and examination of processes that form the social, cultural and political life of Colombia; it also impels the search of alternatives and solutions to its problems.

Historia y Sociedad was founded in 1994 with the objective to open a space for the dissemination of historical investigations. The journal publishes:

  • Novel articles that result from investigations and are based on solid theoretical and empirical bases

  • Book reviews

  • Historical sources

  • New developments in history of Colombia

  • Cataloging degree works and thesis in the history discipline.

The articles are evaluated by members of the Publishing Committee of the Faculty of Human and Economic Sciences of the University, affiliated to the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Medellin, Antioquia and the Andes campus. It also has an international scientific committee composed of members from the University of the Andes, University of Paris,  University of Massachusetts, University of the Sorbona, Colegio de Mexico, University of Warrwick, University Cayetano Heredia, University of California and Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Medellín campus. Because of its international character, the journal facilitates the interchange between Colombian and foreign researchers.

Historia y Sociedad is oriented to a university audience at an advanced level; initially it was published annually, since 2008 it appears twice a year. In printed format some issues are available in the Publishing Coordination of the journal; on line, all issues are available in LatAm-Studies Full-Text.

For more information, please visit: Revista Historia y Sociedad.