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  Revista de Historia Social y de las Mentalidades (Journal of Social History and Mentalities) is a biannual academic publication subject to peer evaluation, edited by the Department of History of the University of Santiago de Chile, USACH.

Its main purpose is publishing unreleased works in the field of History; that is, thematic, regional, global and that contribute to the study of the discipline, the Social Sciences and the Humanities, both nationally and internationally. Likewise, the journal promotes gender diversity of authors and members of its Editorial Committees.

Its greatest interest is concentrated in the publication of unpublished texts that, from various perspectives, represent a real contribution to the proposed historiographic development. These texts may be articles, research reports, documentary research, critical reviews, conferences or interviews. In the case of these last two genres, they must have the explicit authorization of the speaker or interviewee.

Unless expressly mentioned otherwise, the works published will always represent the points of view of their own authors, without involving the positions of the journal, its Editorial Committee, the Department or the University of Santiago de Chile.

It is important to mention that our publication is registered in various indexing companies such as DOAJ, Latindex, REDIB, LatinREV, ERIHPLUS, CLASE, Biblat, Dialnet and, since 2021, in Scopus with a Q2 impact index.

All the content of Revista de Historia Social y de las Mentalidades is available in LatAm-Studies Full Text.

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Revista de Historia Social y de las Mentalidades