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Archivos de Criminología, Seguridad Privada y Criminalística (Criminology, Private Security and Criminalistics Files) aims to disseminate criminal, forensic and criminological areas. Invites researchers, teachers and students to send their contributions to be assessed. You can send contributions on current issues or classics. Works may be integrated into the sections that make up the journal in accordance with the following criteria:

Dossier. No extensive briefing papers, seeking to explain, supplement or to present a topic.
Articles. Theoretical or applied works that contribute to disseminating the issues, problems and discussions.
Reviews. Review of any significant, national or foreign bibliographic news.
Memories. Refer to relates about congresses or similar.

At least 75% of contributions published in each issue must be results original product of scientific research, as well as other significant original contributions to the area of the journal. Contributions must be written in clear language, didactic and accessible, to readers with vocational training, but also with advanced terminology articles are accepted.

Archivos de Criminología, Seguridad Privada y Criminalística is published twice a year, the first volume of the year corresponds to January-July and the second from August-December, in these same periods can be dedicated special volumes or issues specific to institutional collaborations or graduate students for academic support. Is a publication carried out by Mr. Wael Sarwat Hikal Carreon through the Sociedad Mexicana de Criminología, Nuevo León, Mexico Chapter.

All Archivos de Criminología, Seguridad Privada y Criminalística’s content is available in LatAm-Studies Full Text.

For further information, please visit:
Archivos de Criminología, Seguridad Privada y Criminalística