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Bibliographica Americana
(American Bibliographical Journal) is one of the few interdisciplinary journals that specialize in Colonial Culture. It is a publication of the Programa Nacional de Bibliografía Colonial of the Biblioteca Nacional de la República Argentina.

The Programa Nacional de Bibliografía Colonial is committed to the Historiographical renewal of the Colonial period of the Argentinean territory. Among the main initiatives of this program are: the National Colonial Bibliographical Census; the development of the Classical Tradition Research, Jesuit World View and Illustration project; and the publication of the Bibliographica Americana electronic journal.

The journal distributes unpublished works, book reviews, scientific meetings and recent publications announcements. It also includes articles about relevant themes and aspects of the Latin-American Colonial Culture: arts, education, religion, culture, indigenism and politics; as well as other social practices and topics. Every paper is internally vetted by the Editorial Committee using the double-blind review method.

Revista Bibliographica Americana has published annually since 2004. It is available in LatAm-Studies full-text online.

For further information, please visit:
Revista Bibliographica Americana