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The Journal Carta Económica Regional (Regional Economic Letter) is edited by the Department of Regional Studies of the Institute of Economic and Regional Studies (INESER) at the University of Guadalajara in Mexico.

The University of Guadalajara counts with two centuries of historical tradition in Jalisco. It is distinguished by its high-level scientific output; it complies with international quality standards and contributes to problem solving and social development. It is recognized in Mexico as a leading public university in scientific, humanistic and technological research.

As part of the University Center of Economic Management Sciences (CUCEA) The Department of Regional Studies- INESER generates, disseminates and promotes scientific research and teaching in the areas of Economics, Demography, Regional Development and Relations Mexico - United States.

The main objective of Carta Económica Regional is to present the analysis of the economic situation in the western region of Mexico. It offers articles of conjuncture and of theoretical-instrumental or historical analysis. Eventually it publishes research on the Mexican economy in general and on the international scope emphasizing the regional effects. The published papers are original and peer reviewed.

The journal is addressed to the university community and readers interested in topics related to regional economic research.

Carta Económica Regional journal has maintained a continuous quarterly basis since 1988. His publications are included in full text in LatAm-Studies.

For further information, please visit: Revista Carta Económica Regional