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The journal México y la Cuenca del Pacífico (Mexico and the Pacific Rim) is published by the Department of Pacific Studies of the University Center for Social Sciences and Humanities (CUCSH) at the University of Guadalajara in Mexico.

The University of Guadalajara counts with two centuries of historical tradition in Jalisco. It is distinguished by its high-level scientific output; it complies with international quality standards and contributes to problem solving and social development. It is recognized in Mexico as a leading public university in scientific, humanistic and technological research.

The CUCSH was founded in 1990. It is the first formally constituted study center in the country which postulates the Pacific Rim as its particular object of study. The relevance of this enterprise lies in the growing influence that the phenomenon of the Pacific Rim has on the internal development of the countries that form it.

The Journal México y la Cuenca del Pacífico is created by the CUCSH to contribute to greater understanding on the development and operation of the Asian Pacific countries. It also aims to meet the growing demand for information about this topic. The purpose of the journal is to provide timely information about the political, economic, cultural and social life, on Mexico and the group of countries in the Pacific Rim with which Mexico interacts. The group consists of five industrialized countries: United States, Japan, New Zealand, Australia and Canada; of nine emerging economies in Asia: Korea, China, Philippines, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Taiwan and one of Latin America: Chile.

This select group of countries forms the basis of analysis of México y la Cuenca del Pacífico. The theme of the journal is considered from a transdisciplinary approach and from the perspective of the changing global trends in all aspects.

México y la Cuenca del Pacífico is been published since 1998. LatAm-Studies Full Text includes all the published issues of the journal to date.

For further information, please visit: Revista México y la Cuenca del Pacífico