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Bien Común (Common Good) journal is edited by the Fundación Rafael Preciado Hernández, A. C. in Mexico. It publishes the progress of research projects done at the foundation. This journal also offers a space for other analysts interested in expressing their views on topics of current interest to Mexican society.

The Fundación Rafael Preciado Hernández, is an academic institution dedicated to analysis, research, training and development of proposals to influence the public agenda from the perspective of political humanism. It is named after a former Professor Emeritus at Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico. He was one of the most renowned lawyers in Mexico in the twentieth century and a prominent member in the formation of the National Action Party.  He was noted for its strong defense of academic autonomy in a time of difficult transition. As part of his inheritance he wrote a great number of books and essays. The values followed by the Foundation, are inspired by the philosophical and social principles of humanism pursued by Rafael Preciado Hernández.

The Foundation's main objective is to generate ideas and proposals that help in solving problems of society, economy and politics. It maintains a commitment of pluralism and democracy with culture.

Bien Común is published monthly with a circulation of one thousand copies. Its electronic version is available in LatAm-Studies Full Text.

 For further information, please visit: Revista Bien Común